Avocet bike computers. Fox bicycle fork.

Avocet Bike Computers

avocet bike computers

  • A person who makes calculations, esp. with a calculating machine

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  • A long-legged wading bird with a slender upturned bill and strikingly patterned plumage

  • The four species of Avocets are waders in the same avian family as the stilts. They are typically found in warm climates.

  • long-legged web-footed black-and-white shorebird with slender upward-curving bill

  • Avocet is the twelfth album by Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch, released in 1979 in UK. The album was first released by Ex Libris in Denmark in late 1978 with alternate album cover and one alternate track title, although no difference in recorded content.

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

avocet bike computers - VDO MC1.0

VDO MC1.0 Altimeter/Cycle Computer

VDO MC1.0 Altimeter/Cycle Computer

For the cyclist that likes to track climbing feet even if it's small rolling hills, it still adds up. Cycling functions include: current/average/max speed, ride time (total bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2),Trip (total bike 1/ bike 2/ bike), 2nd programmable trip distance and stopwatch. Altimeter functions include: Current, maximum and average altitude and gradient. Current temperature, maximum altitude, total feet climbed (total bikes 1/bike 2/ bike). Also, home altitude is adjustable with a quick recalibration feature. Additional features include auto start / stop, a service interval indicator (programmable), 5 Year warranty.

This durable, versatile, water-resistant bicycle computer is an ideal onboard data tool for a wide range of cycling abilities, from cross country cycle warriors to commuters who like to track their mileage and elevation.

Heavy duty wire
Full text display in seven selectable languages
Service interval indicator
Auto start and stop
Sleep mode (display shut-down)
Stopwatch indicator
Adjustable home altitude
Recalibration of home altitude
Actual altitude correction mode
Programmable odometer
Twist-Click mounting
Bicycle Functions

Actual speed
Trip counter
Odometer WS 1, WS2, and total
Ride timer
Average speed
Maximum speed
Comparison of actual speed and average speed
NAVIGATOR second programmable trip counter
Two wheel sizes
Altimeter Functions

Actual altitude, gradient, and temperature
Altitude gain on actual trip
Maximum altitude reached on trip
Average and maximum gradient on trip
Total altitude gain on all trips
Maximum altitude reached on all trips
This VDO bicycle computer includes a limited five-year warranty against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.
About VDO
VDO, founded in 1929, is a diversified company specializing in high-performance electronic equipment for land and marine vehicles. Its product portfolio includes:
Bicycle computers
Car navigation and multimedia
Sophisticated car audio systems
Telematics solutions for private and public vehicle fleets
Industrial and marine products for original equipment manufacturers
Vehicle spares and spare part service for end-of-production vehicles

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1954: The Home Computer

1954: The Home Computer

Scientists from the RAND corporation have created this model to illustrate how a "home computer" could look like in the year 2004. However the needed technology will not be economically feasible for the average home. Also the scientists readily admit that the computer will require not yet invented technology to actually work, but 50 years from now scientific progress is expected to solve these problems. With teletype interface and Fortran language, the computer will be easy to use.

Icom 735 - Under computer control

Icom 735 - Under computer control

Spent an hour or so building a simple USB to ttl convertor out of an FTDI cable and a 7407 hex driver chip - picture of this i/f is next in photostream.
FTDI chips present as regular serial ports via USB so software that is designed to look for a regular serial (rs232) com port can be employed. Here the convertor is controlling an Icom IC735 radio using freeware program DX Commander through the ICOM one wire CI-V bus and com3 on my win 2000 computer.

avocet bike computers

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Bicycle Gel Seat Pad - Trek Triathlon Bikes - Retro Bicycles.

Bicycle Gel Seat Pad

bicycle gel seat pad

  • A vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel

  • ride a bicycle

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Big Kitteh

Big Kitteh

Big Kitteh

Thus named because it is technically a Schwinn Panther, modified to do the work of a cargo bike. Interesting side note -- this bike was originally bought for attendees of the 2008 RNC, which I attended the protests of on my mountain bike. Not surprisingly, none of the GOP fat-asses used it. I bought it used/never-used for half of what it would sell for. I consider it a rescued bike.

Main features: Steel frame, heavy-duty rear tire-axel, cargo rack with steel basket and saddle bags, front/rear tire covers, dual headlights, rear light, rear-view mirror, 20mm braided steel cable bike lock, added eight gears in back, kickstand, gel-pad seat, personalized bar-ends, and Shepard Fairey propaganda stickers.

Not seen/recently added -- front gear cover (made from larger gear with teeth ground off), odometer, and handle-bar water bottle.

I will continue to modify it as I find things that can be improved.

little monster

little monster

This is my third bicycle: Little Monster. It features 16-inch off-road tires (to keep the ride soft); a folding steel frame; a three gear inner hub; two bottle seat rack (one bottle contains a pack that has every tool I need for minor bike repairs); small headlight; back-seat warning light; A gel-padded seat (since the ride would be unbearable otherwise); and gel-padded handle bars grips.
...And, of course, if folds down small enough to fit under my desk at my day job.

It is a Dahon, California model -- but I don't know how old that makes it. I'll figure it out soon enough.

bicycle gel seat pad

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Bike Engined Car - Fuji Road Bike For Sale

Bike Engined Car

bike engined car

bike engined car - How to

How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars (Speedpro)

How to Build Motorcycle-engined Racing Cars (Speedpro)

If you are aspiring to build a racing car this could be the book that you've been waiting for! Tony Pashley revisits the path that he took in the Pashley Project articles in Race Tech magazine during the design and construction of two successful hillclimb cars. This time in great detail with a view to enabling the reader to carryout a similar exercise for themselves. Although hillclimb and sprint cars are the focal topic, a lot of the book is applicable to race cars in general. The cars under discussion in the book are powered by motor cycle engines which, in the smaller racing car classes are meeting with great success. The total process of building a car is described beginning with the selection and procurement of the engine. Chassis and suspension design is covered in a simplistic but adequate manner as the author's aim is to minimise the inclusion of involved calculations. Two recipes for chassis construction are illustrated in detail along with guidance on the processes of construction and a description of the required equipment. Following on from this the fabrication of the suspension is explained. Further chapters are dedicated to the remaining aspects of the vehicle covering; transmission, brakes, fuel and coolant systems and electrics. The book is heavily illustrated with 200 photographs and extensive explanatory diagrams and tables. This book is a vital addition to any would be kit car builders library.

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White bike engined mini

White bike engined mini

White bike engined mini being driven flat out during the SIDC track event at Knockhill on Saturday 15th September 2007. If only photos haad sound - this car was amazing going up the straight, sounding like an F1 car. It had a Hayabusa engine mounted in the rear or the car, and was rear wheel drive!

Legend Ford Coupe - Lee Fitzpatrick

Legend Ford Coupe - Lee Fitzpatrick

Lee Fitzpatrick turns into Fosters in front of a three-wide group of cars - CPC Legends Cars Championship, BARC Championship Meeting, Oulton Park, March 2010

bike engined car

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Bike seat woman : Vintage raleigh bikes for sale.

Bike Seat Woman

bike seat woman

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  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

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bike seat woman - Gore Bike

Gore Bike Wear Women's Contest Thermo Lady Bibtights with Seat Pad, Black, X-Large

Gore Bike Wear Women's Contest Thermo Lady Bibtights with Seat Pad, Black, X-Large

Fear not the wintery commute; the GORE Women's Contest Thermo Bib Tight + Insert provides the warmth you need to stay cycling when the temps start to drop. Built from a stretchy nylon-elastane blend, the Contest Thermo wicks moisture and provides light insulation so you stay comfy on your pedal into the deepening gloom.

Product Features
Material: 84% nylon, 16% elastane
Side Zippers: ankle
SPF Rating:
UPF Rating:
Recommended Use: commuting, touring, training in cold weather
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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i <3 mah bike!

i <3 mah bike!

i had the M8 bring it in from exile so i could mess with it. zero crash damage save mis-aligned handlebars. i'll have MissingLink look at the front wheel truing to be sure. this is the crappy $10 basket that arrived 2 days after the accident. i fucking love my bicycle. i'm thinking it will be safer to ride my bike, in walking boot, if i can transport crutches, than take the local bus in to work.
this bike rammed a skateboard and only my crashing down on the handlebars seems to have moved them off of true, a mechanical adjustment and not a broken object fix required {maybe these are steel rims, no idea, maybe the front wheel is more damaged than it appears to my untrained eye.}

Masked woman on motor bike, Vietnam

Masked woman on motor bike, Vietnam

Women in Vietnam tend to cover exposed skin to keep from getting too dark. A darker skined woman is thought to be a farmer or peasant and women in this country do not want to be seen as someone who labors in the fields. So, they wear heavy coverings over their bodies, gloves, fabric over their faces and long sleeved shirts no matter what the temperature or the level of humidity. When this woman passed me after I'd taken her picture she nodded to me, a slight tilting of her head and I thought her eyes were squinted in what I interpreted as quite likely a smile under her covered face.

bike seat woman

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Bike speedometers - Used electra bikes for sale

Bike Speedometers

bike speedometers

  • An instrument on a vehicle's dashboard indicating its speed

  • (speedometer) a meter fixed to a vehicle that measures and displays its speed

  • (Speedometer) An instrument that indicates a vehicle's speed in miles or kilometers per hour.

  • (Speedometer) A gauge showing how fast a vehicle is moving.

bike speedometers - PTI Schwinn

PTI Schwinn 12 Function Computer

PTI Schwinn 12 Function Computer

Featuring the Schwinn brand Americans have trusted for over one hundred years this bicycle computer mounts directly onto the frame of the bicycle, providing the rider a clear view of all speed and distance measurements. Featuring a no friction and no contact design, this computer measures the amount of turns by the wheel to provide an accurate calculation without the need to touch or interfere with the performance of the wheel. PTI Sports products are designed with safety as the first and foremost concern and are constructed of high quality parts and materials to prevent degradation over time. Thoroughly tested, our products last through years of use before they are recommended for replacement, ensuring safe cycling for years to come.

The folks at Schwinn obviously know a thing or two about bike accessories and this 12-function instrument should come in handy for anyone looking to use their biking time for something other than a pleasant pedal around the neighborhood. Attach it to your bike or hold it on the attached cord and get information on your speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, odometer readings, total distance, ride time, and more. Bearing in mind that it's hard to push a lot of buttons while biking, the device features a single button control panel, allowing you to get the right information while still staying upright on the bike. --Charlie Williams

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AWESOME! It's a dial speedometer and 5 speed shifter on this kids bike!

A gear in the front axle spins a cable that runs up to the speedometer and makes the speedometer needle turn by friction. It's probably a devil to calibrate and I can't imagine that it's all that accurate.

New Bike

New Bike

Once again my snow pictures didn't turn out. So this time I turned to my new bike. I'm not happy with the pictures, hard to get the whole bike without showing all the clutter in the basement! I'm really looking forward to the day I can get it outside.

bike speedometers

bike speedometers

SIGMA BC906 9-Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer

The BC 906 has everything a bike rider needs. Next to standard functions this all around computer is equipped with average speed. The computer is easily programmable with click buttons. If the battery is running low, a reminder alarms the bike rider before it is too late. Handlebar or stem mount.

The ability to monitor individual rides, and overall training schedules is important to the serious cyclist. The BC 906 tracks your trip, your overall speed, distance, and riding time as well as allowing you compare your actual speed with your average speed. Complete functions include: clock; actual maximum and average speed; comparison of actual and average speed; trip and total distance; trip and total riding time; language selection (seven languages); and low-battery indicator. Also, the BC906's small, low-profile keeps wind resistance to a minimum, its twist-mount, no tools required design ensures quick installation and its included 3-volt lithium CR2032 battery provides long-lasting power. Whether you are a serious cyclist or a novice the BC 906 is simply everything you need in a bike speedometer.
General Functions:
7 language settings, Dot matrix LCD readout, watertight design
Low battery indicator
Clock and model name in standby
Bike Functions:
Actual speed
Average speed
Comparison of actual and average speed
Maximum speed
Trip distance
Total distance (not shown while riding)
Time Functions:
Riding time
Total riding time bikes 1+2
What's in the Box?
BC 906 bicycle computer, two-piece spoke magnet set, bike sensor/receiver/mount with wire, 3-volt CR2032 lithium battery, 42mm O-ring, 32mm O-ring.
Manufacturer's Warranty
Five-year warranty on defective parts or products.
About Sigma Sport
Sigma Sport represents German technology at its highest level, combining innovative design with precision engineering. Sigma tests all their products in their in-house laboratories to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring quality continually throughout production. All Sigma Sport standard lights conform to the stringent German traffic standard, and all Sigma Sport products are CE-approved.

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