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Buy Used Bike

buy used bike

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • Pay someone to give up an ownership, interest, or share

  • bribe: make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence; "This judge can be bought"

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buy used bike - The Perfect

The Perfect Motorcyle: How To Choose, Find and Buy the Perfect New or Used Bike

The Perfect Motorcyle: How To Choose, Find and Buy the Perfect New or Used Bike

Whether classic lines and powerful sounds or 60-mile-per-gallon performance fuel your desire to purchase a motorcycle, finding one that perfectly fits your budget and lifestyle is rarely simple. The options are ample and the choices can be overwhelming. You require more than the sales hype and hyperbole offered by dealerships and magazines. You need to understand the forces driving your decision and then use that knowledge to get a great deal on the ideal machine. The Perfect Motorcycle provides the definitive, step-by-step process any motorcyclist can use to identify, find and purchase the right bike. The book's practical advice and proven techniques are accompanied by invaluable worksheets that save you time and money. This thorough guide to finding your perfect motorcycle shows you how to: Identify your needs and values Zero in on the model that suits your wants, needs and budget Thoroughly inspect used motorcycles Negotiate the best deal on a new or used machine Protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers Invest intelligently in your motorcycle Purchase appropriate training, gear, and insurance Create world peace* In the end, the perfect motorcycle is not about the bike. The perfect motorcycle is all about you.

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My (old) Commuting Bike (Stumpjumper Sport)

My (old) Commuting Bike (Stumpjumper Sport)

Old mid-80s Stumpjumper Sport I adopted as my commuting bike until recently. 'Upgraded' it with new pedals (MKS Sylvan), fenders (SKS), panniers (Arkel), tires (Schwalbe), and a new helmet. Wanted to make sure I was able to be seen by Houston's notoriously idiotic traffic -- hence why I've gone almost overboard with all the blinkies, lights, and reflective tape/stickers (see notes). It has 26" wheels (now with a 1.5" tire in the front and a 1.75" in the back -- both with the reflective stripe all the way around [photo shows old tires]), so is a tad small for me at 6'1" but was worth it as I didn't have to buy a new or used bike while trying out bike commuting.

As I've kept with bike commuting, I've upgraded my bike to a Bianchi San Jose (a single speed).

Bike Disclaimer

Bike Disclaimer

wow, my bike rules. I just needed a cheap piece of shit to get me from home to school and back and the $125 Schwinn from Target was more than adequate. However, you can't take this "mountain bike" off-road.

Not that I was going to, I just used it for getting around town, but damn, what a piece of shit. Guess I should buy a better bike with my graduation money.

buy used bike

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