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Bike Seat Woman

bike seat woman

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bike seat woman - Gore Bike

Gore Bike Wear Women's Contest Thermo Lady Bibtights with Seat Pad, Black, X-Large

Gore Bike Wear Women's Contest Thermo Lady Bibtights with Seat Pad, Black, X-Large

Fear not the wintery commute; the GORE Women's Contest Thermo Bib Tight + Insert provides the warmth you need to stay cycling when the temps start to drop. Built from a stretchy nylon-elastane blend, the Contest Thermo wicks moisture and provides light insulation so you stay comfy on your pedal into the deepening gloom.

Product Features
Material: 84% nylon, 16% elastane
Side Zippers: ankle
SPF Rating:
UPF Rating:
Recommended Use: commuting, touring, training in cold weather
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

80% (10)

i <3 mah bike!

i <3 mah bike!

i had the M8 bring it in from exile so i could mess with it. zero crash damage save mis-aligned handlebars. i'll have MissingLink look at the front wheel truing to be sure. this is the crappy $10 basket that arrived 2 days after the accident. i fucking love my bicycle. i'm thinking it will be safer to ride my bike, in walking boot, if i can transport crutches, than take the local bus in to work.
this bike rammed a skateboard and only my crashing down on the handlebars seems to have moved them off of true, a mechanical adjustment and not a broken object fix required {maybe these are steel rims, no idea, maybe the front wheel is more damaged than it appears to my untrained eye.}

Masked woman on motor bike, Vietnam

Masked woman on motor bike, Vietnam

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bike seat woman

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