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Bicycle Gel Seat Pad

bicycle gel seat pad

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Big Kitteh

Big Kitteh

Big Kitteh

Thus named because it is technically a Schwinn Panther, modified to do the work of a cargo bike. Interesting side note -- this bike was originally bought for attendees of the 2008 RNC, which I attended the protests of on my mountain bike. Not surprisingly, none of the GOP fat-asses used it. I bought it used/never-used for half of what it would sell for. I consider it a rescued bike.

Main features: Steel frame, heavy-duty rear tire-axel, cargo rack with steel basket and saddle bags, front/rear tire covers, dual headlights, rear light, rear-view mirror, 20mm braided steel cable bike lock, added eight gears in back, kickstand, gel-pad seat, personalized bar-ends, and Shepard Fairey propaganda stickers.

Not seen/recently added -- front gear cover (made from larger gear with teeth ground off), odometer, and handle-bar water bottle.

I will continue to modify it as I find things that can be improved.

little monster

little monster

This is my third bicycle: Little Monster. It features 16-inch off-road tires (to keep the ride soft); a folding steel frame; a three gear inner hub; two bottle seat rack (one bottle contains a pack that has every tool I need for minor bike repairs); small headlight; back-seat warning light; A gel-padded seat (since the ride would be unbearable otherwise); and gel-padded handle bars grips.
...And, of course, if folds down small enough to fit under my desk at my day job.

It is a Dahon, California model -- but I don't know how old that makes it. I'll figure it out soon enough.

bicycle gel seat pad

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