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Road Bike Tires Reviews

road bike tires reviews

    bike tires
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New Rear Tire!

New Rear Tire!

Last tire vendor I bought from I ordered a couple front tires for my ZRT mower and also ordered a Kenda 270 tire for the rear of my KLR pictured here. Well, the vendor sent me the wrong tire. Instead of sending the 130/80/17 Kenda 270 I requested, they sent a 130/80/17 Kenda K257D

At first I was going to send it back as it is marked on the sidew2all that it is not for highway use. I've had the tire for a week anyway but didn't take a close look at it tiol I was going to mount it. At this point the other night, I already had the previous tire removed from the rim

After searching for reviews on line, a mixed bag at best, I phoned Kenda USA to speak with one of thier reps. He confirmed what I thought looking at this tire, that it is a good sand tire. Although not intended for highway use, it will do fine for the speeds I ride at. Anymore it seems all I use paved public roads is to get me to the trails=:-)

The ride and handling on dry pavement when tested yesterday (4/13/10), the handing was much improved over the 120/90/17 Kenda 270 it replaced

I'd have to say the 4.60" rear Kenda 270 (130/90/17) is too small for the KLR. It works, it fits but it is not the right size of tire for this bike

I'll try to remember to update this file with user commenrts of this tire down the road when I have more time and mileage with it

Continental Bike Tire

Continental Bike Tire

I've tried to replace the tires on my Cannondale hybrid twice, but each time the mechanics at City Bikes in Adams Morgan persuade me to keep them. They tell me the Continental Top Touring 2000s are great tires, very puncture-resistant (I haven't had a flat in years) and they're discontinued. In the background, other cyclists pedal by on the Mount Vernon Trail at Gravelly Point.

road bike tires reviews

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