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Play Bike Racing Games Online

play bike racing games online

    games online
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play bike racing games online - Suzuki TT

Suzuki TT Superbikes: Real Road Racing Championship

Suzuki TT Superbikes: Real Road Racing Championship

Product InformationWelcome to the most exciting white knuckle racing experience! Bringingtogether seven of the most challenging road racing ciruits from around theworld each physically punishing and technically demanding in their ownright. From 125 GP up to the Superbike class this is an unforgiving testof nerve and skill and is exhilarating to the extreme. So choose yourcircuit choose your bike get ready let's race!Product Features The championship exclusively introduces 5 new lethal road races never seen before in any bike game. Features real circuits riders bikes and sidecars. The only motorcycle 'road racing' game currently available.

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PICTURED - top Irish drift driver, Eric O’Sullivan with sexy DIVA NEXT DOOR Terri McEvoy in a perfectly fitting cat suit will be turning up the heat to launch the Toys 4 Big Boys Live Action Arena sponsored by EA Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. PIC JOE KEOGH

Turn up the heat, experience the thrill of the chase and check out the Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit Live Action Arena at this year’s Toys 4 Big Boys Show, which takes place at the RDS, Dublin from 11th-14th November and Cork’s Arc Arena from 19th-21st November - enjoy the buzz as EA brings Need for Speed to life!

EA Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit is the official Videogame at this years show and the Live Action Arena will showcase top Irish drift driver Eric O’Sullivan as he takes on his opponent in a live cops vs. racer pursuit, not for the faint hearted! And that’s not all as you will also get the chance to enjoy an exclusive preview of the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit videogame from EA before it even hits the shelves so you can experience the adrenaline and intensity of a high-speed cop pursuit for yourself!

This hot action racing game brings the franchise back to its roots, with thrilling cops vs. racer chases and an all-new online network called Need for Speed Autolog. It’s here that players can compare racing stats and automatically get personalised game play recommendations from their friends – a feature that is poised to transform online racing for the connected generation. Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit recently won the prestigious ‘Best Racing Game’ award at the Electronic Entertainment Expo from the Game Critics Awards and is available nationwide from Friday 19th November on XBOX, PS3, PC & Wii consoles.

What else is going on in the world of Toys 4 Big Boys…??

This year will witness for the first time the Becks Vier Live Stage which will showcase the up and coming talent of young rock musicians and bands who have just been signed or are looking for an A&R man to take a leap of faith! The Irish Youth Music Awards will be launching on the Saturday of the show and there will be more acts confirmed over the coming days. The Dream Pad has been a feature of the show for many years and this year it will be taking on a whole new form and a totally different approach. Featuring Acoustic Images technology and working with Disney Films to link in with the launch of TRON LEGACY, the Dream Pad will be inspired by TRON and will be designed by well known designer Nigel Wynne of NMA Architects. In the Live Action Arena, the BMW Motorad sponsored Mattie Griffin will be on site demonstrating his incredible talent on a motorbike as well as the Cadbury Spots vs Stripes Zone.

And the list continues, make your way to the 300 square metre Motoring Pavilion where you can drool over some of the hottest cars and bikes you will ever see including Ferrari’s, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ducatti and KTM. Check out the Military Zone along with all the latest gadgets and gizmos, a Live Fashion Show and of course the beautiful DIVA NEXT DOOR reality stars!

Commenting on the Toys 4 Big Boys Show, John McDonald said; “The Toys 4 Big Boys Show has changed considerably over the years but at its essence it’s the same show with the same brand values. We have expanded the show in line with consumer demand and we now showcase everything from outdoor adventure, lifestyle, digital, action, cars, Lad’s Pad, fashion and celebrity.”

Bike Race - Flagstaff Arizona

Bike Race - Flagstaff Arizona

This image is from one of three negatives that was destroyed due to a mistake at the local film lab. I was capturing the bike race with my Nikon F5 film camera for a friend who was competing in this race on May 24, 2003. Three rolls of professional film was destroyed "accidentally" by the lab techs...they wanted to make it up by giving me three more rolls of 24 exposure Kodak 400 color film. I could not believe they thought that was a fair exchange! I believe my face and/or body communicated frustration, raised my voice a few times, and walked out.

An hour later I returned, apologized for my outburst, and told them that accidents do happen. It was good that we ended laughing over the entire situation. Since my apology, the customer service from them increased ten fold. The attention to detail on future business was beyond the few rolls of film that was destroyed.

I kind of like this pic...I wish I could say that I did this on purpose, but I'm not that creative...hahah. What do you think???

play bike racing games online

play bike racing games online

Bike Racing 101

Infinitely practical and packed with powerful insights, Bike Racing 101 is the single best resource for cycling enthusiasts who are ready to move from the sidelines to cycling competition. From preparation to performance, Bike Racing 101 gives you the essential information you need to hone your skills, chart your course, and get into the race.
Penned by renowned experts Kendra and Rene Wenzel, Bike Racing 101 gives you the inside edge from world-class competitors who've raced at top levels of international competition. Equipment, apparel, training, skills, nutrition, and even the unwritten rules of racing etiquette are covered in this comprehensive guide.
Written for the experienced cyclist who already has a firm grasp on biking basics, Bike Racing 101 offers key technical advice in a format that's easy to follow. You'll learn skills that are essential for competitive performance, from cornering and climbing to sprinting. You'll get the inside edge on bikes and equipment, from the gear you need to the options you should consider to power your performance even further.
Bike Racing 101 will help you develop an effective training program and deploy practical tactics that can make a difference when the heat is on. From time trials to road and multiple-day stage races, you'll be fully prepared on race day with tips and checklists to take you all the way to the finish line.
Between them, the book's authors have almost 50 years of combined racing and coaching experience. Kendra is a Pan American gold medalist, top national performer, and former member of the U.S. national team. Rene is an international champion who has coached U.S. Postal Service team member George Hincapie and powered the U.S. National junior team to two world championships. Together, they offer the insights, instruction, and simple advice you need to enjoy the competitive side of one of the world's most challenging sports.

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